Meet the ‘Funeral’

Yes, I have to say that July is a half misery and a half fun.

Let me say, people never know what will happen next in their life. They’re just wondering, less caring, or wishing a lot nicest thing will happen. So do I. I never imagined I would experience the worst thing ever in my whole life (yes, I never want this thing happen again).


It was the first (and I hope the last) time I got a crash..

I just had having lunch with my friend, call her D. She used motorcycle to go back home and since I didn’t expert in driving car yet, I usually go back home by Trans Musi–one of public transportation in Palembang, kind of Indonesia. Right after we finished our lunch, she took me to the bus stop. I was okay there until the moment I crossed the road.

The road was fine and it was possible to walk there in the opposite road. So then I walk, slowly and carefully, because that’s my habit. I was then in the middle of the road seeing the other side of it to make sure everything’s fine. *hold a minute, I can still feel that moment now* Unfortunately there’s a motorcycle run so fast in the side of road I’ve just gone through. It bumped me behind and aside my body. I didn’t really know what happen. When I was in the middle of the must-be-safe-side road, I lost my control. I couldn’t think. I just saw darkness.. and I didn’t know what exactly happened there.

I was collapsed? Yes and no. D was there in the moment the motorcycle crashed on me. She said she saw me lay there quietly and she was afraid that I– okay, lets not talking about the worst aftermath. But then I made a little move. I was not realizing anything. I just remembered I wanted to cross the road. And then I saw people took care of me. Took me to the roadside. I was breathing, I knew. I was there feeling blue, I knew. I didn’t sense anything. I thought it was just a dream. But then something’s hurt, my mouth. I could feel something’s lost. And then I spoke, “I lost my front-teeth”. I wanted to cry but I couldn’t. And a moment later, that ruddy thought came to me, “Why didn’t I die?” Not for so long, because then I remembered my family, my haven’t read and haven’t bought books and haven’t watched movie (it’s funny but yes I thought of it), and of course I thought of him! The time a lot people helped me in to the car, one thing crossed my mind..

“I’m glad to be alive,” that’s it.


I know now I can make people scared of me because of my pity three front-teeth. But soon I’ll be recovered and fine and so, and yes, I won’t be the same me anymore.

I used to think I’ perfect, almost perfect. I could sing. I could dance. Most of people adored me. I thought I’m smart I could pass every grades good, not very good, but good enough. And I thought I have so many people beside me, loves me for whatever I am. But then there this accident, turned my life upside down.

And here I am. Alive and defective. Facing the almost fatal imperfection.. because who wants to date and who wants to make friend a girl who lost her front-teeth? Unless they love me sincerely. Unless they love me without restriction. Unless they love me for who I am.

That’s the lesson! I’ve started my life the time Mom gave birth of me and I used to have a lot of friends. And now I restart my life from the beginning, to see who really cares to and loves me. At least now that’s what I understand for the just-now-accident.


It’s not the end. The pain won’t end there. This time it’s not my accident. But, Gleeks’ accident! #IYKWIM


I’m a big fan of Glee and I’ve watched it since the first season. And Finn Hudson is the best character there, since he always gives advice or so to another member of Glee and his love to Rachel Berry was sooo endless they’re the perfect couple ever! But now? What can I say? What can I expect from Glee? Finn has gone. Not in the movie (although yes I just hope he’s just disappeared from Glee, not from the world too), but.. sorry to say, he has left the whole world. Cory Monteith (actor who played as Finn Hudson) just passed-away last Saturday. 😥

I could feel my heart broke into pieces when I heard that news. I know you, who never knows Glee nor watches it, will say that I just wasting my time for the-man-I-don’t-know. Yes, I don’t know him for real. Yes, I just can see him from TV. And yes, he was just an actor. But for God’s sake, if you are Gleeks, if you watch Glee from the first until the fourth season, you’ll feel lost just like I do!


The most painful thing from Cory’s death is about his upcoming wedding with Lea Michele. You know? One of my dream is seeing them got married in real. Now I know my dream won’t come true. Lea and Cory’s dream to spend their entire life together until they’re old won’t be real.

Isn’t it sad? Isn’t it touch your heart?

Still no response from Lea ’till now. Diana Agron? Chris Colfer? Darren Criss? Heather Morris? Chord Overstreet? Naya Rivera? I haven’t heard their response, too. They’re still too shock, I know! I just heard responses from Mark Salling, Harry Shum, and the one who used to be Finn’s mother.

Let’s pray for Lea. Let’s pray for Gleeks. Let’s pray for Cory, wish him rest in peace.

With that kind of thing, will there any Season 5 for Glee? I wonder whether Lea and others could go through this pain. Come to Glee studio, suddenly remember those memories with Cory. It will be hard, I know. But there is no pain without happiness. There is no dreadful thing without a lesson. I believe they can move on. They just have to wait the rain stop. They just have to wait the rainbow come. With an easy mind and strong heart, of course. 🙂

Well done, everyone, two sad stories I’ve wrote in one day is enough. May you enjoy it and get lessons from what I’ve shared to y’all. Have a nice day!


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