Movie Series I Currently Watching

Last days on August I desperately was looking for some movie series that probably I can watch in this starter of hectic days. Am I always saying I’ve had a lot of hectic days? Sorry for that, because yes, I’m always having hectic days, or I can say I think I have hectic days. :p

Well, then, last month I started watching these three movies:

The Vampire Diaries: Season 1


Let me guess what you want to say now, “Linda, are you living inside a rock?” I know I was too late in starting to watch this vampire movie. But better late than never, right? *wink* My impression about this series is pretty good. And I should regret my lateness in watching this. I love the vampire thing here (and tend to choose Stefan than Edward Cullen, who’s not doing okay in being a vampire, sorry). My favorite character beside Stefan is not Elena (yes, I like her but not my favorite), it’s Elena’s best friend, Bonnie. She calls herself a psychic, or that’s what her grandma’s called her.


Bonnie, my favorite!

The Vampire Diaries is a movie about a vampire, Stefan, who’s currently in hiding but then he’s back to this small city called Mystic Falls. He comes to this small city to meet a girl, Elena. He’s got to know her, that’s what he once said. Weird? Nope. It’s not weird anymore if you notice Elena’s photo on one of Stefan’s diaries in err.. I forgot the year, but it must be in 1800 or so. Yes, we’ll guess that Elena is just a reincarnation from that 1800’s girl named Katherine since now it’s 21 century.

That’s all I have now. I’ve just watched till episode 3, anyway. Wish I could finished watching it soon!

Continuum: Season 1


This movie is about time-turning. We’ll see in the first scene in episode one that it’s already in 2077 and world is totally full of cool technology. There are these technologies, and of course there are much villains. The villains call themselves Liberties. But they are no longer in liberty status because these-people-I-forgot-the-name (if I’m not mistaken it’s CSA) are catching them right in the first scene of the movie.

The real problem is when the justice begin. There are 8 villains in total. CSA, if I’m not mistaken, is taking them all to this room of justice. But there they’re suddenly activating the time-turning which is ended them up in the world of 2012. Unfortunately, one of the CSA, Keira, is taken with them. She’s the only CSA there and she has to face them all. Not that easy. Seven of them (the eight person failed in turning the time) are villains you’ll never want to meet. They’re awful and in ways stronger than Keira. With the sudden help of Alec, the one who invented all the technologies in future, Keira saves the future by controlling the past.

I loooooooove the idea of this movie. Can’t wait to watch episode two! Yes, I only download the first episode because I want to make sure whether I like the beginning of the movie or not. And all I can say now that this movie is SHOULD be watched by me!!!

The New Normal: Season 1


The New Normal is taking place at Ohio (it’s Ryan Murphy’s production and no wonder he takes place in Ohio, lol). It tells story about gay couple who wants to have a baby but, well, with their condition they can’t have a baby. So they come to a place called Expanding Families. There, they try to have a bio baby. The problem is who wants to donate the ovum?

Here we’ve got the answer. A girl named Goldie (she’s in run from her suck life, yes, she’s just found out her husband did an affair) donates her ovum for their bio baby. Well, she actually has a daughter and now she’s a single mom. She wants to catch her dream in being a lawyer. The only way to catch the dream and have the money is by doing this thing. That’s why she wants to give the gay couple a chance to be parents.

The story’s quiet promising but my impression is not that good (if it’s compared with my impression towards the first two movies). I don’t know whether I will continue watching The New Normal or not. Well, I think I will watch the next episode, but if the movie is not doing any better, I give up with this movie. It’s not a crap to give it a try! 🙂

Nah, they’re three movies I currently watching. What about you? Have you started any of them? Or you have this promising movie series you’ve just started? Feel free to share.


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