19th Awesome Birthday!

Yes, I’m just turning 19! Well.. it happened yesterday, on June 8. Yeay! 😀


It was freaking awesome. My family gave me a surprise in the morning and I was just.. so happy. Since years ago they never gave me one as a surprise. But yesterday, I mean, this year, oh.. they made a big surprise just right in the morning. Thanks. I love you all so much!

In the afternoon me and friends was eating meatball then marshmallow. Yes.. it’s not a good combination (meatball and marshmallow) hahaha but we keep doing weird things because it always feels a lot of fun! Being weird is totally awesome, right? :p

The afternoon was the best moment of all.

Usually, my family always have a dinner somewhere whenever one of us celebrate a birthday. And so did yesterday. We have made a plan to have a dinner in one of our usual restaurant. But then the plan has cancelled. My dad’s boss celebrated his anniversary and he hold a kinda party, so, yes, my dad and whole family has been invited. Wasn’t it a luck? Celebrated their anniversary in my birthday? Oh yeah, we wouldn’t need to spend our money to last night dinner. It all was free! *yes, I love ‘free-food’ lol* My sister said it’s so lucky to be me. No, it’s not true. The right thing is it’s so lucky to thank all of the things which Allah has given.

The best thing was coming on almost-ninth-of-June. Well.. I got a nice gift from someone. I don’t know who.. whether it’s my crush or my boyfriend or best friend or brother or whatever. Just call him an angel, okay? *is it too much? yes, sorry, but really he such an angel for me lol* He sang a birthday song in the middle of the night for me. ‘Thankyou’ was not enough for this angel. But, what should I say, huh? Listen, a midnight angel, I was so speechless that time. And it’s not because of the pitch or your voice in singing that song. But, just because it’s you who sang. And yeah.. I could see you’re ashamed at that time. But you’ve been so brave. 🙂

Once again, thank you. Not only for this angel, but also for my family, friends, and Allah.. I owe you all and You much things that I don’t know whether I could reply it or not. Thanks. Love you all so much because you’ve made my day brighter.


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