Foreword From A Nerd

It’s silly that I always start making blogs in June. Like it creates to start something new. Well, it’s absolutely true! I love to start something new in June, because in that month I’m not in the same age anymore—I’m getting older, you know?

This is my second blog after I released my other blog on last June (click this link to see my first blog). My first blog is about book review. But, in this second blog, I’ll share my life, sometimes short or long or continues story, poems, music on my playlist, music video which I currently adore, absolutely all the things except books—it’s exist on my first blog. And I hope I can manage my time between these blogs, haha. For reminder only, I speak English and Indonesia here, depends on my mood. Well.. I have feeling that I will speak Indonesia most!

In this foreword, actually I have many things to tell you, but it all loss like dirt has been swept by the broom. No! Not a ‘hello world’ or something like that. I don’t wanna say hello because there’s goodbye in every hello.

So, let me say..

Thanks for putting your eyes in my first post. Wish you’ll put your eyes on my other’s post, too. You don’t wanna miss any story, do you? 🙂