19th Awesome Birthday!

Yes, I’m just turning 19! Well.. it happened yesterday, on June 8. Yeay! 😀


It was freaking awesome. My family gave me a surprise in the morning and I was just.. so happy. Since years ago they never gave me one as a surprise. But yesterday, I mean, this year, oh.. they made a big surprise just right in the morning. Thanks. I love you all so much!

In the afternoon me and friends was eating meatball then marshmallow. Yes.. it’s not a good combination (meatball and marshmallow) hahaha but we keep doing weird things because it always feels a lot of fun! Being weird is totally awesome, right? :p

The afternoon was the best moment of all.

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Random Thought

This morning, I if I’m not mistaken when I was sweeping the floor, a thought came to my weird brain. Yes, I usually daydreaming wherever I am or whatever I do.

It is about my grandma’s suggestion in my third year of Senior High School. And maybe your family suggestion for you, too. “I wish someday you will be a doctor,” they ever said once or twice or three times or more. Some of us think this kind of wish is so ‘mainstream’. “Who will be the patient if everyone in this world become a doctor” is what came to my mind when my grandma said that wish.. until today.

As I’ve have said before, I’ve got a thought. It’s just an opinion. It’s up to you whether to believe it or not.

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