Meet the ‘Funeral’

Yes, I have to say that July is a half misery and a half fun.

Let me say, people never know what will happen next in their life. They’re just wondering, less caring, or wishing a lot nicest thing will happen. So do I. I never imagined I would experience the worst thing ever in my whole life (yes, I never want this thing happen again).


It was the first (and I hope the last) time I got a crash..

I just had having lunch with my friend, call her D. She used motorcycle to go back home and since I didn’t expert in driving car yet, I usually go back home by Trans Musi–one of public transportation in Palembang, kind of Indonesia. Right after we finished our lunch, she took me to the bus stop. I was okay there until the moment I crossed the road.

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19th Awesome Birthday!

Yes, I’m just turning 19! Well.. it happened yesterday, on June 8. Yeay! 😀


It was freaking awesome. My family gave me a surprise in the morning and I was just.. so happy. Since years ago they never gave me one as a surprise. But yesterday, I mean, this year, oh.. they made a big surprise just right in the morning. Thanks. I love you all so much!

In the afternoon me and friends was eating meatball then marshmallow. Yes.. it’s not a good combination (meatball and marshmallow) hahaha but we keep doing weird things because it always feels a lot of fun! Being weird is totally awesome, right? :p

The afternoon was the best moment of all.

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A Late Hello and Things About Holiday

Am I too late for saying “Happy New Year”? I hope not. Because I really wanna say.. Happy New Year! Lol.

It’s my big mistake that I was not so active being in here. Not again, I wish. Because I need to share some random things that I couldn’t possibly post on my book’s blog. A lil’ bit sad actually because I can’t really join that community because there were a lot of contents which are not related to books. It’s an old thing. Why don’t just ignore it? It will take a lot of time to delete all my random posts. And I don’t have so much free time since this is my 4th semester in college (I hate college, actually!). 😦

Well.. wish I can talk so much things here.

Ah, ya, almost forget. By the way, I have had a ‘quite’ holiday. I mean, I didn’t go anywhere. Yes, I did hang-out with friends. But, not really ‘go-to-some-beautiful-place’. Although like that, I thank the college for giving me chance to free my mind from college’s stuffs.

I did some practice for competition on January, which really made me so tired and of course it would be one of the reason why I didn’t write any post. It’s an audition, exactly. And we made it! We will do the final on the 24th of February! Am I satisfied? Yes, I’m satisfied because our hard work has paid off. And no, I’m not satisfied because since the first time, I have denied joining this stupid thing! So, why do I keep joining this? I couldn’t really ignore it. I’m afraid it will influence our friendship later..

Besides practicing, I did my reading-list. And I’ve read 7 books last month, yeay! Things I-am-lazy-to-do is making the review. Gahhh.. last year I was so excited writing the reviews. But, now.. I’m a bit lazy. It’s because.. yes, you right, college thing. It’s automatically dominated my mind. And it has made me depressed right before I get into it. Oh.. do you have some new and fresh brains? Well.. I think I should transform myself to zombie then. -,-

Glad to say that finally I cut down the movies’ piles I haven’t watched before. Can’t wait to share about some great movies! 🙂

Gossip and Chocolate

I’ve been a little exhausted today since the first time I opened my eyes this morning. Yeah, I’ve got stomachache. And it was disturbing. I was kinda lazy about going to campus because of this sickness. But, then, of course I kept going to campus. Although the possibility of lecturer’s presence didn’t look convincing since it’s the first day of new semester.

And the day at campus today soon enough made me think about many things. My brain is full of those unbelievable realities I’ve heard. I believe all of you have ever done this kind of thing called ‘gossip’. Any kind of gossip; in toilet, in room, in cafe, anywhere you are together with your friends. And we did it, too. Not that ‘bad’ gossip. It was just a kind of discussion about one of our friend. This truth I’ve just heard made me feel unwell at first. Well, it’s not the truth you all should hear ’cause it’s secret! But, really! This secret made my brain keeps thinking about this: from the simple ’till the complicated question. I just.. can’t believe this! Hey, it’s a life! Everything could possibly happen without your permission, right? And the only thing which possible is the impossibility itself.

There is one thing which made me feel so bad. Losing some of my friends. So, I have friends: call her A and B. A used to tell me that she would be in another faculty next semester because she couldn’t continue studying in this faculty of mine since she faced difficulties in it. I was so sad, of course. She’s my best friend and she always there whenever I need her. But now she’s gone. What about B? She never told me that she will leave this faculty, too. Not only the faculty, but also this city! She moved to another city.. without telling me and others a single word. Oh, how come?! She’s my best friend, too. But, this seemed so wrong. She supposed to tell this, right? So then, me and others didn’t look confused at all. Well.. I am never mad at you two. I just.. wish we could gather in one place and talk a lot of things again one day! 🙂

This day was not so bad, you know. Thanks for my friends here who have given me and others this delicious chocolate. It tasted amazing since it’s free!!! I’d be glad waiting for another chocolate, bytheway. LOL. :p

Holiday is over!

Just say that holiday was.. money. So much money. Then, imagine I got those money in last three months. So, what did I do with those big amount of money. Of course I’d take my time bought everything I’ve been wanted so long. Books. CDs. Shirt and other outfits. Shoes maybe? And probably having dinner with somebody I didn’t know. Just tried to gambling things once in a life time. Maybe one of these guys would be my soul-mate. Who knows? (Oh, please! I’m never ever gambling things in real.) In three months, I’ve spent much money as I was an heiress or something. And without my expectation, the money was just.. over. Nothing left.

Back to reality.

Yeah, holiday is over and is about two days left for doing things I want. I have no idea for these painful left days. Watching movies? It’s too late. So many movies I haven’t watched. Depends on my memory, I didn’t even watch movie since holiday started. Yes, I watched some. But not that much. Just two or five or I don’t know. It doesn’t reach 10. And I don’t remember all. Just some of it and maybe those movies will disappear from my brain, not long after this time. What else? What thing I could do? Reading books? I’ve spent most of my time on it. And honestly these-left-days isn’t enough to read some. There are so many books unread. Even life ’till death never enough to read all those books (books that do exist in this world from old century ’till now). I wonder who wrote book first? It has been my question since I don’t know when.

Tweeting and chatting are also not the good choice. Those things are exhausting me since cyber is a place for faking and bullying. I just don’t get it. It might spend most of my time last years but not this year (or probably next year and so on). Skype? Uh, nope! I’m tired of things like that. Blogging? I’m blogging right now. You see me, right? (And this thing is totally boring that I still don’t know what I should write!)

Forget about that!

I just wanna say that this year’s holiday was not fun at all. I wonder if it was not holi-day, but hell-day. ._.

What about yours? Having so much fun?




Antara Move On & Pura-pura Move On #eaaa

Maaf aja kalo posting-an ane disini nyampah doang. Ye gapapa kali, ini kan site ane. Judulnye juga bagi-bagi cerita. Entah itu fiksi, nyata, curcolan, sampe tulisan nasi campur juga dipamerin–meski nggak layak pamer. Curcolan orang bukan berarti nggak guna sama sekali, nak. Bisa saja ente-ente sekalian bisa narik kesimpulan atau pelajaran dari curcolan remaja-tua (nggak layak disebut remaja lagi kayaknya. yah.. namanya juga jiwa muda) seperti ane–meski kebanyakan nggak ada kesimpulan atau pelajaran sama sekali.

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