5 Movies a Row Last Holiday


Well.. actually I pick this randomly since it’s been too long on my movie folder, and I haven’t watched that yet. I’ve also heard so much hype about this movie, so I decided to watch this on my end-year-holiday.

The plot is quite interesting. In the beginning we would be introduced to five people: four of them doing magic and the other one is a person who is secretly giving them different card. Because of those card, they meet in one place, the place which they then known as a place of The Eyes. After that the movie goes with their tricks in magic, people who try against them, and so on.

My note: do not take seriously when you watch this movie. Too much tricks. And too much twists. A definitely recommended movie! :)))


Sorry for late watching this hilarious movie. But better late than never right? :p This DVD has already been in my shelves for too long. It belongs to my friend. And since it’s a lend, I decided to watch this old movie.

It’s a fun movie to watch, anyway. Tells story about Cady, a used-to-be-in-homeschooling girl that finally goes to the real school, and there in new school she becomes part of The Plastics, popular clique in school. She then falls in love with Aaron, one of The Plastics’ ex-boyfriend (and since he’s an ex, he’s off-limit for the rest of the member). Things become interesting when Cady first-fake-being-friend to The Plastics turns her into real The Plastics.

The story is not new to my eyes, but it’s pretty fun. I’ve added this movie to my must-watch-movie-to-everyone list. A movie that tells us to stay the same, be who you are instead of be someone else.


It’s Johnny Depp. It’s Helena Carter. And it’s Chloë Moretz. How come I won’t watch this movie (although it’s too late, again)? Hha. I borrowed this from the same friend like the previous movie, anyway.

Instead of horror genre, I think this movie is more suitable if we put comedy as its fully genre, because this movie is laughable from beginning (the sex thing here was weird but also made me laugh). The story is about Barnabas Collins, who finally escaped from his coffin after almost two years trapped in it. He then came to his ancestral home (which is a relief because there were still Collins family), met the girl who is definitely looks alike with his death wife, built his fishery business back to life, and finally met his foe since long time ago… Angelique Bouchard (a witch who killed her wife and her parents, and also the one who turned him into a vampire).

This movie is recommended, but for adult only. For you who love vampire thing and a fan of Depp, you definitely don’t want to miss this movie!

SUPER 8 (2011)

(Again, I borrowed this DVD from my friend). The story is about teenagers in 1979 who was being the culprit of unusual massive train accident in the middle of making their zombie movie. Because of that accident, strange things started happening in their small town: dogs were missing, electricity was out, and some people started disappeared.

I enjoyed this movie just like I did in previous movies. I love almost every part of this movie except when the forces talking (it’s quite boring, IMO). The scene that I love the most is when they were shooting for the movie. I like how they prepared all the things to make the zombie movie perfect and I do love their passion in making them. 🙂 And what about the result of those shooting things? Haha, it’s not good as Hollywood (of course) but it’s good enough. Love it.

Watchable to everyone!


This movie is not like what I’ve expected. Well, maybe because I put so high expectation, so I end up disappointed with this movie. I haven’t read the book, so I don’t know whether this movie version is better or worse. But yeah, to be honest, because I’ve been disappointed by the movie, I have this kind of ignorance to read the book. 😦

The story is quite interesting actually, about two people who are in their way on recovery because something bad happened to their couple that caused them having kind of mental illness. I should be felt sympathy for them, but no. Instead of feeling that way, I got this confused feeling about how the story goes. Also I found myself yawning in almost every scenes of the movie.

About the characters, their acting were fabulous, I like it. I can say that the characters in this movie is the only plus point I can give. My eyes focused on Jennifer Lawrence who acted as Tiffany, actually. She was succeed in bringing Tiffany character, I didn’t found Katniss Everdeen side in her anymore in this movie. Also she was good at dancing. Watching this movie made me believe that Jennifer Lawrence is best actress I’ve ever seen. Bradley Cooper who acted as Pat, I haven’t seen his previous movie so I can’t compare him to his acts in his previous, but I think he’s succeed too in being a man who depressed so much.


Well then, everyone. Those were the movies I’ve watched during my holiday. It’s still so much movies to watch, though. Maybe I’ll watch it later when I’m in the middle of my boring campus life or maybe the next holiday (if only I’m not busy preparing my things for one semester ed in Malaysia).

Have a good day! 😀


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