Random Thought

This morning, I if I’m not mistaken when I was sweeping the floor, a thought came to my weird brain. Yes, I usually daydreaming wherever I am or whatever I do.

It is about my grandma’s suggestion in my third year of Senior High School. And maybe your family suggestion for you, too. “I wish someday you will be a doctor,” they ever said once or twice or three times or more. Some of us think this kind of wish is so ‘mainstream’. “Who will be the patient if everyone in this world become a doctor” is what came to my mind when my grandma said that wish.. until today.

As I’ve have said before, I’ve got a thought. It’s just an opinion. It’s up to you whether to believe it or not.

So, I was thinking.. maybe they-told-us-to-be-doctor didn’t always mean we should be a doctor. Maybe my thought is wrong, maybe is right, too. I keep thinking, behind ‘you should be a doctor’ words there’s ‘you should be kind, brave, and rich’ message. Yes.. kind, brave, and rich. It means your success.

You don’t have to be the real doctor (as for women, we’ll be a ‘doctor’ for our family someday, if you know what I mean).. you just have to own those three; kind, brave, and rich. If you make it that way, your family will be proud of you even if you are not a doctor like they wished before.

Then, from now on, I’m trying to believe in my ‘new invention’! Well.. who will believe me if not my own? It’s kinda weird, too, but still I believe in myself. :p


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