A Late Hello and Things About Holiday

Am I too late for saying “Happy New Year”? I hope not. Because I really wanna say.. Happy New Year! Lol.

It’s my big mistake that I was not so active being in here. Not again, I wish. Because I need to share some random things that I couldn’t possibly post on my book’s blog. A lil’ bit sad actually because I can’t really join that community because there were a lot of contents which are not related to books. It’s an old thing. Why don’t just ignore it? It will take a lot of time to delete all my random posts. And I don’t have so much free time since this is my 4th semester in college (I hate college, actually!). 😦

Well.. wish I can talk so much things here.

Ah, ya, almost forget. By the way, I have had a ‘quite’ holiday. I mean, I didn’t go anywhere. Yes, I did hang-out with friends. But, not really ‘go-to-some-beautiful-place’. Although like that, I thank the college for giving me chance to free my mind from college’s stuffs.

I did some practice for competition on January, which really made me so tired and of course it would be one of the reason why I didn’t write any post. It’s an audition, exactly. And we made it! We will do the final on the 24th of February! Am I satisfied? Yes, I’m satisfied because our hard work has paid off. And no, I’m not satisfied because since the first time, I have denied joining this stupid thing! So, why do I keep joining this? I couldn’t really ignore it. I’m afraid it will influence our friendship later..

Besides practicing, I did my reading-list. And I’ve read 7 books last month, yeay! Things I-am-lazy-to-do is making the review. Gahhh.. last year I was so excited writing the reviews. But, now.. I’m a bit lazy. It’s because.. yes, you right, college thing. It’s automatically dominated my mind. And it has made me depressed right before I get into it. Oh.. do you have some new and fresh brains? Well.. I think I should transform myself to zombie then. -,-

Glad to say that finally I cut down the movies’ piles I haven’t watched before. Can’t wait to share about some great movies! 🙂


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