Holiday is over!

Just say that holiday was.. money. So much money. Then, imagine I got those money in last three months. So, what did I do with those big amount of money. Of course I’d take my time bought everything I’ve been wanted so long. Books. CDs. Shirt and other outfits. Shoes maybe? And probably having dinner with somebody I didn’t know. Just tried to gambling things once in a life time. Maybe one of these guys would be my soul-mate. Who knows? (Oh, please! I’m never ever gambling things in real.) In three months, I’ve spent much money as I was an heiress or something. And without my expectation, the money was just.. over. Nothing left.

Back to reality.

Yeah, holiday is over and is about two days left for doing things I want. I have no idea for these painful left days. Watching movies? It’s too late. So many movies I haven’t watched. Depends on my memory, I didn’t even watch movie since holiday started. Yes, I watched some. But not that much. Just two or five or I don’t know. It doesn’t reach 10. And I don’t remember all. Just some of it and maybe those movies will disappear from my brain, not long after this time. What else? What thing I could do? Reading books? I’ve spent most of my time on it. And honestly these-left-days isn’t enough to read some. There are so many books unread. Even life ’till death never enough to read all those books (books that do exist in this world from old century ’till now). I wonder who wrote book first? It has been my question since I don’t know when.

Tweeting and chatting are also not the good choice. Those things are exhausting me since cyber is a place for faking and bullying. I just don’t get it. It might spend most of my time last years but not this year (or probably next year and so on). Skype? Uh, nope! I’m tired of things like that. Blogging? I’m blogging right now. You see me, right? (And this thing is totally boring that I still don’t know what I should write!)

Forget about that!

I just wanna say that this year’s holiday was not fun at all. I wonder if it was not holi-day, but hell-day. ._.

What about yours? Having so much fun?





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