It’s Always Been You [Part 1: We Met!]

Maap yak lama ga posting apa-apa. Hehehe. Bukan karena sibuk (malah nggak sibuk ngapa-ngapain selain nangkring di rumah, nunggu buka puasa, tarawih, trus tidur), melainkan nggak punya ilham mau nge-post apaan. Tapi, alhamdulillah.. setelah bertapa di dalam kamar selama beberapa minggu, akhirnya aku beranikan diri untuk buat cerita-bersambung dengan ide seadanya.

Wah, kesurupan apaan lo jadi sok nyastra begini?

Nggak kesurupan apa-apa. Aku mikir gini aja: “Eh, gua udah baca buku lumayan banyak, tapi, masa sampe sekarang bisanya menikmati karya doang. Kapan bisa menciptakan karya sendiri?”

Nah, dari sanalah aku niat pengen buat sesuatu. Memang sih, dari dulu aku udah buat this kind of fiction, tapi belum pernah ada yang di-publish. Kenapa? Takutnya ntar ceritanya gantung karena aku-nya males nerusin, nggak ada ide, bla-bla-bla. But, now I think it would be better if I post it! Sekalian ngasah imajinasi, ngasah kemampuan nulis juga. Mhihihi, sorry for so-usual story.

warning: This story is just a fiction. Bagi yang merasa ada namanya, tolong jangan ge-er. Sorry banget kalau nama tempatnya ga bener atau bahkan mengada-ngada. Yah.. namanya juga karya amatir. Sebelum membaca, siapkan mental. Karena kisah fiksi berikut nggak sebagus yang kau kira.


It’s Always Been You

Part 1: We Met!

a story by:

time slows down whenever you’re around

I can feel my heart, it’s beating in my chest

did you feel it? I can’t put this down..

-Taylor Swift

I suppose to be happy right now. It’s prom night! And everyone’s happy. Not everyone. Me and maybe some others are feeling sick in this kind of situation.

I used to be happy. I prepared all my not-important stuffs before prom. I dared to ask Mom for new shoes and cute clutch-handbag whereas I never had that bravery before. Also, I picked my dress from the best prom dress in MissesDressy. My dress, the most expensive and the most gorgeous thing this web could serve. Luckily, Mom never complains. So does Dad. Instead they are happy because of my requests. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m the only one they have in their small family. But, I don’t count it as a reason.

I stand in the front door of the ball-room. I take my breath deeply. I’m sweaty. Party always makes me sick.

I come to the guess reception table to sign my name and a person from I-do-not-know-where take me to the place with many tables on the right side of the ball-room. Perhaps he is the waiter. He pleases me to sit on the chair in one of the round tables. He serves all I wanted. Nice waiter. I wonder how long he has spent his time in practicing these activities.

After the waiter’s gone, I take lasagna. I never tasted it before. That’s why I should take it. I don’t know what to say. It’s delicious. Not only because of its taste, but also there’s no comparison. I couldn’t compare it. I never tasted it, like what I’ve said before. Less than half-hour, I’ve ate two plates of lasagna. Well, don’t ask me about my appetite. I eat much. And maybe I come to this prom just for eating.

I turn my head to this large ball-room, just trying to notice my friends. Where are they? Disappointed with this futile-search, I continue eating another food. And I’m more disappointed with these food. I’ve tasted them all. Well, maybe I can eat this not-very-delicious-sandwich while waiting them.

Okay, I’m bored!

I’m walking around the ball-room. Passing some dancing-people. Yelling too whenever some people-I-do-not-know-but-they-know-me yell at me. Saying-hello-or-hi-and-then-smiling is more than enough.

I thought it’s not a large ball-room. I’ve spent so much time walking here around like a moron and I still don’t notice my friends everywhere. It’s a very very very large ball-room.

I drink and take some cake every time I pass the long-table. Just to make myself busy. And finally, I come to my table. Still empty. There’s no my friends.

I believe they’re here. Somewhere in the ball-room. This prom is their dreams. And they love it they’re gonna die to make it happen. I don’t like prom. Prom is like no purpose if it compares with read my books. It’d better if I were not here.


We’ve graduated from high school. And perhaps this prom is the last chance to gather with my friends before we go to college. Next week I will be in Utah. Leaving my family and my friends here in Singapore. My biggest fear is I leave my friends, especially Renata, and then I’ll meet the new one who is so much different with them. And also I’m afraid I cannot mingle with them. Uh, why can I be so paranoid?

I hate college before I spend my days there. I hate new friends before I know them. And I hate living alone without my family. They’re all nightmares!

I push my hand to my forehead. Can I survive—

“Hey, are you alright?” A sound wake me up from daydream. Hand from the owner of that sound touches my right shoulder.

I look at my back and there he is. Smiling at me with his nice white-teeth. Looking at me with those beautiful blue-eyes. Wearing black tuxedo which is so fit in his body. He looks handsome. He’s the boy I’ve dreamed of. He came to my every dreams. He makes my nightmares gone. He’s my love, love, love.

Well, my unrequited love.

I smile at him. “No! Uh, I mean.. I’m okay! Eh.. em.. I’m just..” —what the hell happened to my tongue?

“Need friend?” he said. Without my agreement, he sits on the chair in front of me. Eating sandwich and speaking in language that I can’t understand. Maybe he is complaining about the sandwich. Me myself just ate it and thought the taste is not as good as Mom’s sandwich. “Oh, dude..” he puts his sandwich on his plate and look at me. “You ate this sandwich?”

“Yes, at first. But, not again. It tastes like wet-socks!” Am I too honest?

He grins. “And you ate that wet-socks!”

“No! We ate them.” We laugh.

Oh God, this is the first time we talk after all I could do in high school was just staring at him. Without wishing I could talk with him one day. But now, he’s here. Right in front of me. Talking with me. In PROM!

“I’m Danny,” he said, still with his nice smile. He takes a bowl of prawn noodle with him.

“I know,” I said it without thinking. I’m just looking at every movements he makes.

“You know my name?” he is looking at me. I am looking at him. Freeze. Time. Freeze. Please, freeze.

Speak, mouth! Speak, tongue!

“Mmm.. of course! Uh, my friend knows you. Clara. Yes, Clara. You know her, right?” Fuuuh..

“Clara?” his forehead is frown, trying to remember Clara. Then, he smiles again. “Ah, yeah! She’s my friend’s girlfriend.”

We keep silent for a moment. Clink. Spoons and forks and plates take over the empty space. La-la-la. The music from the ball-room keeps playing. People are talking. People are coming. People are dancing. People are—

“So, you’re alone?” He breaks the silence. Once again, he wakes me up from my daydream this day.

“Umm, nope! My friends are here. But, I don’t know where. Maybe they’re dancing somewhere.” I’m trying to not ruin this moment, Danny.

He looks through me. I turn my head back to see what he sees. They wave their hands at me. I smile. Then, I turn to Danny.

“Your friends?” he asked.


“Well, may I go now? I don’t wanna ruin your prom with your friends.”

Do you know, Danny? You’ll not ruin anything!

At the end, I just nod. Slowly. He smiles at me.

“See ya!” he smiles again. He smiles again. He’s.. GONE.


My friends come. I put my head on the table. I wanna go home. I wanna cry.

“Sweety, who is he?” Renata’s sitting beside me after she looked at Danny—who is already so far away.

She looks at my face. She worries about me, maybe.

“What’s wrong?” She puts her hand on my forehead, just to find out whether I’m sick or not. I push her hand away, slowly.

“I’m okay, Ren.” I still sit there with my head on the table. “Where’s the other?” This time I do not put my head on the table anymore. I look around. Finding the others. I wonder if they have a thousand feet.

Renata drinks her wine. I don’t know where that wine came from. I didn’t even see it. “Clara’s dancing with her boyfriend. Ally, like usual, is flirting with bad boys over there. She looks like a moron. Peter is kissing. He said that to me. That’s what he wanna do in prom. Kissing with every girl. He’s insane, you know that! And..” she stops. Trying to say something but afraid I’ll mad at her. Oh, please! I’ll not mad at her. Never. If it is about Ben, I’m not surprise anymore.

“And Ben?”

“And Ben.. umm, he’ll come ASAP, sweety. Don’t worry!”

“Oh, come on. Don’t pretend anything! I know he won’t come. He’s an asshole!”

Renata’s panic. I don’t know why she is so over-act. She’s scratching her head although it doesn’t itch.

“I’m so sorry.”

“NO! It’s not your fault. It’s his.”

She leans on her chair. Still drinking her wine.

A minute later, the others come. My table’s full right now. They’re talking. I’m daydreaming. They’re talking. I’m eating. They’re talking and in an hour later, I beg their pardon for leaving.

Ben is a jerk. I never love him anymore. Clara forced me to be with him. And I was so stupid for accepting him. He’s popular, I know. He’s rich, handsome, cool, and everything which make every girls fall in love with him. But, I’m the only exception.

I accepted him just for Clara.

Just. For. Clara.

I’m walking in parking lot when I see somebody waves his hand at me. That smile.


I come closer. I smile.

“Wanna go home?” he asks. I nod. “Lemme take you home, if you don’t mind.”

I shake my head. Geez. “I’m sorry, Danny. Dad is gonna pick me up here.”

“Ah, I got it!” he smiles. But, not smile that makes fun of you. He knows what I mean. My killer Dad. That’s it!

I smile at him. He smiles, too. He is walking with me to the front gate.

“Thanks!” I said.

“Alright, your majesty.” And we laugh. Again.

Dad is already waiting there in his car. I walk to Dad’s car, leaving him in the front gate.

“See ya, your majesty!” He said.

I turn my head to him.

“Call me Janet.”

He nods. “Okay, Janet. Nice to know your name.”

See you, Danny. I wish prom is not the last time I meet you.

part 1: end


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