Nice Warm Day

It’s kind of nice day since yesterday on my boring holiday. Well.. it’s getting better right now. I wish my day is getting better not only because reading some books, but doing something else. And it happened.

Yesterday was a really nice day. At first my friend and I wanted to spend that day watching movie in cinema (aww it’s THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, you know?!). But then we canceled it because of another plan. We hunted some photos wherever we stopped and however the best angle we catched. We got so much photos already, but it’s not a THING. We then spent the rest of that afternoon eating steak near there (I don’t like it, actually). Sorry for not mentioning the place. It’s kind of secret hah! That steak tasted usual. I wanted some speacial, not usual. And the portion just uuuh.. it’s not made me full, just kind of food which you eat and you think it’s nothing in your big stomach. The worse thing was the waitress is suck! No offense. That’s just the truth. That’s why I’m not mentioning the place.

Is that the nice thing?

Absolutely no! The nicest thing my friends and I had yesterday was the insanity we made. I don’t know what to say, but it was ridiculous. We took some photos in street and most of people there yelled at us. We ashamed, indeed. But we’re together. And we laughed. We were just happy doing something ridiculous together!

About today, I made myself surprised. Confused about that words? Lemme tell ya.

I’m not good at mix some food like what chefs always do on TV. Even if it’s the easiest food to make. I’m not on it! I really don’t know how to cook. Well, actually not that bad! I can make some food, anyway. But if under my mom’s attention and directions. Without that, I lost my way in my own damn kitchen.

But today, I made a food by myself! Yippie! 😀

It’s semur telur puyuh mix with tofu. I MADE IT! I MADE IT! HAHAHA. I was alone at my house anyway. My mom and my youngest sister and my only younger brother are on Lampung. My younger sister was in her first day on high school. My cousin was working. My father was in his office, indeed. And me? I was just sitting down in front of my David (read: laptop) every single day without knowing what to do. But then I found the idea to make food by my own. Thank God that I remembered all the ingredients I needed to make semur.

It’s very hard at first. And things were so messy. The eggs I boiled was in danger that the water in it has evaporated. I was so afraid at that time. My heart beat faster. Lucky there’s no fire or something like that. Then I started mixing the ingredients and cooked it gather with the eggs and tofu. When it’s time to taste a little of it, I started to laugh and guessed how the taste would be. Hah! No taste of salt. It’s just so HOT! How many chili I used in that no-taste-except-chili-taste food bytheway, huh? Well, I poured a little salt and sugar. Then poured some soy sauce there. Then I tasted it again. I added some of salt and sugar. Then I tasted it one more time. Then I did the same things until the taste’s possible in this kind of food. Last, I don’t think I can eat that kind of food! -,-

The last thing which made this day better was Pinterest. That’s what make me forget the time. Browse some cute pictures and save it on my ‘treasures’. Anyway, I got the cutest and now can’t wait to change it to be something better (or maybe more ridiculous) to apply it on the webs of mine.

Ah, ya, have you ever read The Perks of Being A Wallflower? It’s kind of amazing book, anyway. And I’m reading this right now. Just don’t know how to review it later when I finish reading this. (And why did I tell you this?)

Well.. what about your day? Having fun? Found your crush on the street? Lol.

Every day is a bright day. Your bad day doesn’t mean your bad life. 🙂


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